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Oct 6 (Geodiversity Day)  - Duncan Hawley (HOGG),
"William Smith in South Wales" [Zoom (evening talk)]

Oct 29 - Professor Philip Hughes (University of Manchester), 
"Quaternary glaciation in the Mediterranean mountains - from Morocco to Montenegro" [Cardiff]

Nov 19 - Ewan Thomas (Geotechnology Ltd.),
"The work of an engineering geologist in South Wales" [Swansea]

Dec 10 - Professor Mike Searle, (University of Oxford)
"Tectonics and mountain building in the Himalaya" (provisional title)  [Zoom]

Jan 7 - Holiday Geology [Cardiff]

Jan 21 - Peter Kokelaar,
"Landscape evolution of southwest Wales: revelations of a dynamic Earth" [Swansea]

Feb 18 - Colin Palmer (IOW),
"Engineering research into pterosaur flight" (provisional title) [Zoom]

March 18 - Peter Sheldon (Open University),
"Exceptional fossils – the surprising, the significant and the strange’ [AGM Cardiff]