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A recording of a ppresentation to the South Wales Geologists Association A review of some of the best fossil preservation sites in the world (Lagerstatten) by John Nudds Co-Author of the book on this subject Evolution of Fossil Ecosystems and Fossil Ecosystems of North America

This is some additional information and pictures to support the geology walk at Porthcawl. Take a look at the descriptions under each picture to see more information

The Localities mentioned on this post relate to the map which is included in the leaflet PDF and is repeated here to make this page easier to read. For more information and descriptions of all the localities and the start point, parking etc. please see the leaflet

To download and print this walk, please open / download the PDF version here

Locality 1 - Oxwich Head Limestone of carboniferous age
Locality 1 - details of the fossils these are brachiopods an ancient type of seashell
Locality 2 where the small fault cuts the limestone and gives these straight lines on the beach
Locality 4 the grassy area opposite the Seabank Hotel with the subarial erosion forming a limestone pavement as can be seen in more details in the picture below. The blocks are called clints and the gaps are called grykes and often get plants growing in them as they provide some shelter and often moisture at the bottom
Locality 4 limestone pavement type weathering
Locality 6 - coral fossil
Locality 6 coral fossil
Locality 11 A deep gully eroded along a fault line

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We hope you enjoyed this short tour of Porthcawl. If you’d like to learn more about our local geology, take a look at other pages on the South Wales Geologists’ Association website:

Welcome to the Llanbadoc Geology trail, Monmouthshire. Here are on line versions of leaflets published by Ramblers Cymru available in English and Welsh , and an extended version for those who wish to know a bit more. There is also a quiz covering the whole trail but also for a shortened walk to Cefn Ila and back to Llanbadog. By Elen Wharton.