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Geological Walk on Cribarth from Craig-y-Nos

This is some additional information and pictures to support the geology walk at Cribarth from Craig-y-Nos. Take a look at the descriptions under or above each picture to see more information

The Localities mentioned on this post relate to the map which is included in the leaflet PDF and is repeated here to make this page easier to read. For more information and descriptions of all the localities and the start point, parking etc. please see the leaflet

To download and print the leaflet version of this walk, please open / download the PDF version here

The view north from above Locality 1 looking over Craig y Nos castle towards the Old Red Sandstone of the beacons
Fossils in the wall at Locality 3

Above and below - the area of limestone pavement at Locality 4
The old tramroad at Locality 5 with the outcrop on the right hand side as seen in this picture (looking back to Locality 4. it will be on your left (the south eastern side) as you walk the trail. A close up of the Honycombe sandstone can be seen below
Nodules of chert (just below the lens cap showing the scale of the picture) above and a vein of calcite crystals in the picture below - both are at Locality 7
Quartzite blocks at the triangulation point (Locality 8) have been used in ancient times to construct a cairn or shelter. These probably came from the crags at Locality 9 just to the north of this point

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We hope you enjoyed this short tour of Cribarth from Craig-y-Nos. If you’d like to learn more about our local geology, take a look at other pages on the South Wales Geologists’ Association website: